A day in the life…

I’ve been asked this question many times in the past year….”What do you do during the day?” It’s not asked with a condescending tone, just mere curiosity. However, when my husband asks (because he really can’t imagine entertaining a child all day everyday) I willingly and jokingly start rattling off my laundry list of daily To Do’s that go hand-in-hand with the ever popular priority of “just keeping the kids alive.”

In a snapshot, the basics of our day go something like this:

-Wake Up: make bed & change diaper

-Breakfast: my breakfast & hers

-Clean Up: clean up baby, highchair, kitchen (do dishes, empty dishwasher, etc)

-Play time/reading/get dressed/change poopy diaper (because this usually happens right after breakfast)

-First Nap: brush teeth, put on a fresh diaper and read a book or two then she naps for 1-2 hours

-I work on business/client needs while she naps

-Snack when she wakes

-Gym: We got to the gym for about an hour

-Lunch & Cleaning

-Play time/reading/house chores

-Second Nap: read a book or two and she goes down for another nap

-Again, I work while she naps

-Snack when she wakes

-Errands/house chores (she plays in whatever room I need to get things done)

-Dinner: prep dinner for family, eat dinner, clean up

-Family Time

-Off to bed (brush teeth, pj’s, clean diaper, read a book)

I love to say this is just the basics because of course there’s so much more. For instance, the simpler things that normally you wouldn’t even consider a “task” are suddenly a goal to conquer: showering, doing your hair and makeup. Then there’s the other things that just have to get done and sadly will take priority over the aforementioned items: bathing the baby, grocery shopping, food prep, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, miscellaneous shopping, party planning, play dates, yard work, doctors appointments, any and all other appointments, phone calls to make, travel planning, holiday planning and anything and everything else that comes up. More often than not, I don’t stop moving until I lay down in bed at night….and even then my mind doesn’t stop racing (“did I order that thing I needed, did I text that person back, did I put that on my reminders, did I run the dishwasher?”). For those who are not as fortunate as my husband is to receive my elaborate daily schedule of events, I smile and say “we hang out and keep busy.” Let’s be honest, as curious as someone may sound, they don’t care to hear my agenda and my effort to relay it is just one more unnecessary thing you can add to this growing list.

It’s an innocent question asked, but the answers that float around in my head go on and on. It does remind me of how blessed I am to be able to stay home and take care of my daughter, do everything around the house to make life easier for my family and still work on a dream of my own. And no matter what, everyday it makes me feel like superwoman to know that I’ve accomplished so much for my little family.